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carrd layout inspired by the kmm project.

here's how to stream and request only the brave! (warning: long post ahead)

- Act like a human! Skip a song every now and then, and pause once in a while.
- Use focused playlists. You can find a list HERE!
- If you want to make your own playlist, make sure you add 2-3 songs between each play of OTB. We discuss this further in our playlist section!
- Keep your volume on, at least 50%
- If you have Spotify premium, offline and downloaded streams will work
- Use a variety of playlists! Use our playlist, the “This is Louis Tomlinson” official playlist, or be creative
- Don't put your playlist on shuffle or loop - this won’t work. Make sure it's turned off.
- Don't use only one playlist. Instead, keep streaming different playlists.

- Watch and like the video after 1 minute
- Set your volume to 50% or louder
- Type the video name every time you watch it (Louis Tomlinson Only the Brave Official Lyric Video)
- Play 4 videos (non-related to louis) in between each view of otb
- Comment!
- Use more than one account and device
- Ask your favorite YouTubers to make a "reaction video" for their first time listening!
- Don’t put the video on repeat or mute
- Don’t play it over 5 times per hour
- Don’t use a private browser/incognito mode
- Don’t spam the comments

Only the Brave is not a single, which is why radio airplay will be more difficult. We need your help!

- Use this link to choose a country and/or state and request only the brave!
- Call your local stations
- Use Shazam (Information below!)
- Submit requests to iHeartRadio's MostRequestedLive. The most requested song of the hour is played in over 100 stations in the US/Canada. Don’t spam! Request once per hour, per account. Make it feel personal. Explain why you love the song, and add different emojis.
- Call 855-495-7274 or text 71021. Say something like “I’m requesting Only the Brave by Louis Tominson for #mostrequestedlive”

- Reach out to radio stations on twitter! Tag Louis @louis_tomlinson, the radio station, the DJ’s, and use the radio’s hashtag! You can also use ours to get it trending :) #projectotb
“I’m requesting only the brave by @louis_tomlinson on @mostrequestedlive @[DJ] #projectotb”
- Stations such as Radio Disney, RadioHog, and Power Radio have supported Louis in the past, so these would be a great place to start.

Radio stations use Shazam to find out what songs are trending and which ones will be on air. Since Only the Brave is not a single, we need to use Shazam to get the stations’ attention.

- Download the Shazam app
- If you’re on Android, don’t log in
- Go to a streaming platform like Spotify and play OTB
- Go back to the Shazam app and press on the big button that looks like the logo
- Clear your app data

On iOS/iPhone
- Log in, import shazams in settings
- Go to “shazams” under “my music” and select Only the Brave
- Click the trash icon
- Go back to settings and log out
- Go to keep or remove shazams, and click remove. On iOS, only one shazam per song per day is counted. Use more than one device if you can.

On Android
- Long-press the app icon on your home screen
- Tap on app info
- Clear data - delete

playlists are a great tool for streaming!

"what do i include in my playlist?"
don't worry, we've got tips!

Playlists can be as short as 40 minutes, or even 3 hours long! If you make a longer playlist, make sure to include a variety of songs and artists. If you want to make your own playlist, here’s a good template to follow:

only the brave [otb]
any song
a song from walls
any song
any song
any song
song from walls
song from walls
any song
any song
song from walls

we also want to create playlists that include other queer artists!
find our very own pride/otb playlists HERE

we want to get only the brave trending, on the charts,
and give this song the attention it deserves!

- getting otb viral on social media and on the viral playlists on spotify
- get spotify streams to 32M and a higher spot on louis' popular songs
- boost youtube views of the lyric video to 3M
- and, last but not least, celebrate our queer fans.
click the pride section for more information!


june is pride month!
we want fans to feel safe in our online community.

we've come up with six themed prompts to inspire everyone
and celebrate pride from home.
each theme is five days long!

use our hashtags to share your art, your stories,
and how the fandom has helped you.


Find the submitted fics for 2021 on Archive Of Our Own!

below are our tumblr and twitter pages, where we will have updates and share your posts!

want us to see your creations? tag us!
@projectotb (tumblr) & @project_otb (twitter)
and use the hashtags
#projectotb #prideforthebrave

Find the submitted fics for 2021 on Archive Of Our Own!

Find the submitted fics for 2021 on Archive Of Our Own!

Hello everyone!! As pride month approaches, we wanted to make it a special celebration by helping “Only The Brave” chart. Alongside that, we wanted to do something with the amazing writers of this fandom. Since a fic fest would be too short notice, we thought a drabble fest could be the next best thing.

- The maximum word count for this fest is 6k.
- Your drabble can have any pairing, monogamous or not, platonic or romantic, but it must revolve around louis (who can be of any gender and/or sexuality).
- Obviously, it must revolve around pride.
- No NSFW fics, please!

Sign-up form here.
Submit a prompt here.
All submitted prompts will be added to this page.
Prompts will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. You are required to pick three prompts that you are willing to write for, and the first prompt will be considered as first preference.

Prompt submissions open till June 8
Sign-ups open till June 10
Fics must be kept ready by June 25
Posting begins on June 28, 2021

want us to see your creations? tag us!
@projectotb (tumblr) & @project_otb (twitter)
and use the hashtags
#projectotb #prideforthebrave